Welcome Back!

Happy Labor Day weekend, WUD Music friends and family! We had an absolutely amazing summer here at The Terrace, dancing along to everything from Celtic rock bands, to sunny pop singers, to killer hip-hop groups. However, we’re SO excited and energized to have all our students back on campus and we’re ready to get to work booking, promoting, and watching awesome live music on campus and beyond.

Head on over to the “Calendar” tab to check out our list of announced shows for fall, then take to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and let us know what you’re most excited for.

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If you’d like to join our team of enthusiastic, music-loving students, come say hi to us at the Union South Sunburst Festival (9/4), the Student Org Fair (9/10 and 9/11), or our fall kickoff meeting (9/18 at 8:00 PM). We’d love to meet you!

And finally, stay tuned for more fall announcements – we’ve got a great semester lined up.

5 Reasons to Check Out Madfork Music Weekend

It is that time of year again. Madfork Music Weekend. What the heck is Madfork, you say? Essentially, we bring some big acts that are routing from Pitchfork to the Terrace. The best part about it? The shows are FREE!

You can see the schedule below. All shows start at 9:30.

Thursday, July 17th: Sharon Van Etten w/ Jana Hunter

Friday, July 18th: Ka w/ Milo

Saturday, July 19th: F. Stokes w/ ANT DaHopeBoy


So, why go? Here’s 5 great reasons:


1. Pitchfork gave an 8.2 to Sharon Van Etten’s 2014 album Are We There (article).

2. Sharon Van Etten has spunk

3. Ka made Pitchfork’s list of honorable mentions for top albums of 2013.

4. Support local music! Although F. Stokes is initially from Chicago, he has spent much of his life in Madison.

5. It is the Terrace! Why would you not be there on the weekend?


As you can see, these artists have some great resumes. So, come down to the Terrace and enjoy some intimate shows with them this weekend!

Thursday, June 26th at the Memorial Union Terrace: Wild Cub


This Thursday, come down to the Terrace to check out up and coming indie rock band Wild Cub!

Based in Nashville, Tennesse, Wild Cub is comprised of 5 members, led by frontman Keegan DeWitt. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, DeWitt moved to Nashville to focus on music, starting with writing film scores.  In early 2012, he collaborated with Jeremy Bullock, Dabney Morris, Harry West, and Eric Wilson to form Wild Cub. They self-released their debut album Youth in January 2013 and released a deluxe version of the album via Mom+Pop Music in January 2014.

Check out the video for their lead single “Thunder Clatter” here:


With their infectious vocals and catchy guitar riffs, you’ll be singing and dancing along on first listen. The music world has noticed them too. The band toured with Vampire Weekend earlier this year, and if that is not an indication of an up and coming rock band then I do not know what is. In addition, they played Firefly Music Festival this past weekend, further showing their rise as a popular band.

Here is a fairly concise collection of some of their music in a live setting:


Next time they come around Madison, I imagine they will be quite a bit more popular. So why not see them for free at an awesome venue like the Terrace? Once they are big, you can be one of those people who goes “oh yeah, I knew them before they were popular.” That is something we all can enjoy, right?

The show is at 9:30, this Thursday at the Terrace! I hope to see you there!

Thursday, June 12th at the Memorial Union Terrace: Betty Who

Up and coming pop artist, Jessica Anne Newham, better known as Betty Who, is coming to our beloved Terrace this week!

Born in Australia, Newham began playing cello at age 4 and moved to the United States as a teenager.  She started writing songs at age 14 and began performing at the age of 16, releasing her first single “Somebody Loves You” in November of 2012. Her debut EP The Movement was critically acclaimed as the “Best EP of 2013” by Billboard Magazine and Popjustice, and with good reason.

Along with her stunning vocals, Betty Who has something special.  She brings a passion and a fire that you do not want to miss, especially when you have the chance to see her live and for FREE.  Her passion has not gone unnoticed, being called one of TIME’s “14 Musical Acts to Watch in 2014,” with the likes of Chance the Rapper and NoNoNo.

This past April, she released her most recent EP, Slow Dancing, which includes her single “Heartbreak Dream.” After Betty Who’s current tour, she will start opening for Katy Perry in November.  After that, who knows how big she will be?

Betty Who is sure to put on a show that will make you dance. And who doesn’t love to dance? Get down to the Memorial Union Terrace Thursday, June 12th for an awesome night!


To check out more of her music, check out her Facebook or Website!


Summer Terrace Lineup Announcement!

Terrace After Dark

Yes, the rumors are true, it’s finally that time of year again. May 7th is truly the most wonderful day on the calendar because (drumroll please)

…our lineup for the entire summer has been released! We have some incredible fun ready for you on the shores of our beautiful Lake Mendota between the months of May and August. Check out all of our concerts (along with all the Lakeside Cinema movies and other special events) at TerraceAfterDark.com, for more detailed descriptions, times, contact information, band websites, and more. This website will become your go-to resource for all things “Terrace”.

As always, WUD Music will feature a weekly Open Mic Night, Wednesday nights from 7:45-11 PM. Singing, instrument playing, Comedy, poetry all welcome. No house instruments provided, backing tracks can be accommodated.

We will also be bringing back our much-loved Thursday Bluegrass Series, taking place from 5-7 PM. 

Our Friday “happy hour” series, Behind the Beat, will also continue as it has all school year, continuing to happen from 5-7 PM

And we have some INCREDIBLE headlining acts coming through, bringing you live music from 9:30-Midnight on every single Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. Get pumped, you guys. It’s going to be another great summer.

Check out our band listing below: 

Fri 5/16/14 Behind the Beat: Tritonics

Fri 5/16/14 16 Candles (Graduation Weekend Dance Party)

Sat 5/17/14 V05 (Graduation Weekend Dance Party)
(two sets)

Fri 5/23/14 Behind the Beat: John Widdicombe Blues Band Combo

Fri 5/23/14 Handphibians

Sat 5/24/14 Jeffrey Broussard

Thurs 5/29/14 Kishi Bashi w/ Busman’s Holiday

Fri 5/30/14 Behind the Beat: The Firebirds

Fri 5/30/14 Swearin’

Sat 5/31/14 Trinidad Tripoli Steel Drum Band

Thurs 6/5/14 Bluegrass Series: Sparetime

Thurs 6/5/14 Brett Newski w/ Pete Donnelly

Fri 6/6/14 Behind the Beat: Drobka/Hastil/Christensen Trio

Fri 6/6/14 JR Donato w/ L.E.X.

Sat 6/7/14 Kikeh Mato w/ Limanya Drum and Dance Ensemble

Thurs 6/12/14 Bluegrass Series: tba

Thurs 6/12/14 Betty Who

Fri 6/13/14 Behind The Beat: The Sundogs

Fri 6/13/14 lazydeadpoet

Sat 6/14/14 The Whiskey Farm w/ Whitney Mann

Thurs 6/19/14 Bluegrass Series: tba

Thurs 6/19/14 Haley Bonar

Fri 6/20/14 Isthmus Jazz Fest (All Day)

Sat 6/21/14 Isthmus Jazz Fest (All Day)

Thurs 6/26/14 Bluegrass Series: Mad Pole Cats

Thurs 6/26/14 Wild Cub w/ Escondido

Fri 6/27/14 Behind the Beat: Little Margie’s Soul Band

Fri 6/27/14 Natty Nation

Sat 6/28/14 Roots Collective

Thurs 7/3/14 Bluegrass Series: Eric Lambert and Friends

Thurs 7/3/14 Carsie Blanton w/ Briar Rabbit

Fri 7/4/14 Behind the Beat: tba

Fri 7/4/14 Hometown Sweethearts

Sat 7/5/14 Gabe Burdulis w/ Sexy Ester & Beth Kille

Thurs 7/10/14 Bluegrass Series: Sortin’ The Mail

Thurs 7/10/14 tba

Fri 7/11/14 Behind the Beat: tba

Fri 7/11/14 Big Leg Emma

Sat 7/12/14 Maffa Rico w/ Zaramela & Ben Karbank

Thurs 7/17/14 Cajun Strangers

Thurs 7/17/14 Sharon Van Etten w/ Jana Hunter

Fri 7/18/14 Behind the Beat: Charlier Painter

Fri 7/18/14 tba

Sat 7/19/14 F. Stokes w/ Frankie Flowers

Thurs 7/24/14 Bluegrass Series: tba

Thurs 7/24/14 tba

Fri 7/25/14 Behind the Beat: tba

Fri 7/25/14 Madison County w/ Mark Croft

Sat 7/26/14 WADOMA w/ Tani Diakite and the Afro Funk Stars

Thurs 7/31/14 Bluegrass Series: Jack Klatt Trio

Thurs 7/31/14 San Fermin

Fri 8/1/14 Behind the Beat: tba

Fri 8/1/14 Ariada w/ Honey & the 45s

Sat 8/2/14 ROE

Thurs 8/7/14 Bluegrass Series: tba

Thurs 8/7/14 Matrimony

Fri 8/8/14 Behind the Beat: Tim Whalen Trio

Fri 8/8/14 Adelyn Rose w/ Softly Dear Jake & Armerding

Sat 8/9/14 Caroline Smith

Fri 8/15/14 Alison Margaret Jazz Quintet

Fri 8/15/14 Pat McCurdy

Sat 8/16/14 Johnny Chimes w/ The Queenie McCarter Band (Blues Fest)

Fri 8/22/14 Behind the Beat: tba

Fri 8/22/14 Kissers (Irish Fest)

Sat 8/23/14 Whiskey of the Damned (Irish Fest)

Fri 8/29/14 Behind the Beat: tba

Fri 8/29/14 Steez

Sat 8/30/14 John Vietnam Day

Fri 9/5/14 David Gerald

Sat 9/6/14 The Dig

This Saturday: Revelry Music and Arts Festival!

With Coachella out of the way, festival season is officially now in full bloom. So, why not kick off your summer with UW Madison’s own premiere music and arts festival–Revelry!


So why should you go? With five days remaining till the event, here are five reasons why:

1. You’re already a fan of the free shows WUD Music puts on every weekend in the Sett and Rathskeller. But do you realize that Revelry doesn’t last a mere three hours but rather is a rockin’ all-day-and-all-night festival?!**

*12:00PM-10:00PM to be precise

**Who says the party stops at 10? It’s Saturday night people!

2.  Dillon Francis. Waka Flocka Flame. Sky Ferreira. And a sh*t ton of other cool people:


3… And if you have no idea who any of those people are, you should definitely come because you’ll discover new music! Not to mention you’ll gain some street cred with all the hipsters in your bio class

4.  You’re broke or your friends are too cheap? Student tickets are $5. You paid $250 for Lollapalooza. Do I need to haggle you more?!


5. If you really need a better reason, then think about how epic it is spending the entire day parting with your fellow badgers?! Food, Music, Drinks, and Art?!

*5.5 And for those of you worried about the chance of rain on Saturday, all I have to say is: 1. It’s April.. 2. Put on your wellies and rain slickers and pretend like you’re at Britain’s coolest festival, Glastonbury (where it rains like every freaking year).

935644_546344705409233_303141046_nWe’ll see you kids this Saturday at Revelry! Get ready to “revel on their level.” More info can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and their site.



What Song Do You Hate?

In spite of the Summer of Love and the historical open-mindedness of musicians, music culture is a culture largely dominated by hatred and opposition. The most famous music star today is also the most universally reviled (Justin Bieber). As has always been the case, the latest popular genre of music (dubstep) is the target of vehement disdain from many. Even artists who are generally recognized as possessing some kind of talent (Kanye West) are more hated than admired. So in the spirit of enmity and general hostility towards one’s fellow man, let’s rip on some songs we don’t like.

Today’s Topic: What Song Do You Hate?

My Answer:

There’s a lot of really awful music out there, and it’s tough to single out one song amidst the dentist-office production of adult contemporary, the noisy excretions of mindless thrash metal, the flag-waving, truck-having, and stereotype-reinforcing of modern country, and Nickelback. So I’m going to pick on a band that ostensibly sensible people seem to idolize, but who have always struck me as the antithesis of everything good about music.

My pick is R.E.M.’s “Stand.”

There is nothing good about this song. From the vapid faux-etry of the lyrics to the insistent blandness of the melody to Michael Stipe’s computer-programmer vocals to that awful chord change at the end to its inexplicable ubiquity at food joints. I’m not a fan of stereotyping my own race (or anyone else’s), but this is possibly the whitest music ever made, in the worst possible sense.

R.E.M. apologists have told me that the mind-numbing stupidity of this song was, in fact, intentional: Stipe and the gang apparently wrote the song in response to pop conventions, with tongue firmly in cheek. (Which explains the music video–then again, so does “It was the 80’s.”) That does not make it better. That, in fact, makes it much worse. It’s one thing to be Tommy Wiseau and try really hard at making an artistic masterpiece, and yet ending up with The Room. That’s almost endearing. It’s another thing altogether to make something intentionally awful, then watch, possibly while cackling with glee, as the gullible plebeians eat it up. That’s not being an artist. That’s just being a colossal douche.

We don’t have to stand for “Stand.” Let’s aim higher.


Your Turn: What Song Do You Hate? Why?