Jam Out This Friday with Undercover Organisms and Dave Bess!

This Friday! JANUARY 28 at 9:30pm in der Rathskeller: thrilling, or rather, chillin’ Undercover Organisms with the funky Dave Bess.

Undercover Organisms is a band based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They list themselves as “Funk/Jam Band/Live Electronics” and claim to “rage your face off.” More electronic than a lot of funk music and more alternative than classic jam bands, Undercover Organisms is great music to sway to or to ease into the night.  Undercover Organisms has songs ranging from short, light jams such as the song “Funky Spectrum” to heavier, electronic anthems like “The Wire”. The electronic buzz is a great addition to the reggae feel of their music, bringing in more than just funk-fans. Their real goal is to transport you to the jam band paradise in their heads. It’s quite a nice place.

Dave Bess is the guitarist, lead vocalist, and ukulele player-extraordinaire of the band Public Property, gone solo. Bess skillfully produces a portable, musical Jamaica wherever he takes his ukulele strumming and soulful singing.  He provides a faster paced complement to the chill sounds of Undercover Organisms. He blends his own influences with classic reggae; just try to not smile and bob your head at that ukulele. Just try.

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