This Saturday: Revelry Music and Arts Festival!

With Coachella out of the way, festival season is officially now in full bloom. So, why not kick off your summer with UW Madison’s own premiere music and arts festival–Revelry!


So why should you go? With five days remaining till the event, here are five reasons why:

1. You’re already a fan of the free shows WUD Music puts on every weekend in the Sett and Rathskeller. But do you realize that Revelry doesn’t last a mere three hours but rather is a rockin’ all-day-and-all-night festival?!**

*12:00PM-10:00PM to be precise

**Who says the party stops at 10? It’s Saturday night people!

2.  Dillon Francis. Waka Flocka Flame. Sky Ferreira. And a sh*t ton of other cool people:


3… And if you have no idea who any of those people are, you should definitely come because you’ll discover new music! Not to mention you’ll gain some street cred with all the hipsters in your bio class

4.  You’re broke or your friends are too cheap? Student tickets are $5. You paid $250 for Lollapalooza. Do I need to haggle you more?!


5. If you really need a better reason, then think about how epic it is spending the entire day parting with your fellow badgers?! Food, Music, Drinks, and Art?!

*5.5 And for those of you worried about the chance of rain on Saturday, all I have to say is: 1. It’s April.. 2. Put on your wellies and rain slickers and pretend like you’re at Britain’s coolest festival, Glastonbury (where it rains like every freaking year).

935644_546344705409233_303141046_nWe’ll see you kids this Saturday at Revelry! Get ready to “revel on their level.” More info can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and their site.



Saturday Night at The Sett: Com Truise w/ Phantoms

Seth Haley, better known as the “mid-fi synth-wave, slow-motion funk” artist Com Truise, will be performing for free at The Sett this Saturday.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • He released his last album, In Decay, in 2012. You can listen to it here.
  • He’s noted for performing with a live drummer.
  • His music is heavily influenced by 1980s music, featuring heavy synthesizers and driving and clear beats.
  • This is his first time performing in Madison, WI.
  • His music videos are elaborate and cinematic:
  • So are his live shows:
  • Here’s his Facebook page. Check out his Twitter.
  • The show is free. It starts at 9:30 pm in The Sett at Union South. Everyone’s going to be there.

We hope to see you there as well!

Friday Night at The Sett: Red Rose

Their music has been described as “a mixture of EDM, instrumental music, house, trip-hop and more.” So if you want to hear something new, stop by The Sett this Friday.

Red Rose, a local Madison group (click for their website), will be performing for free in Union South at 9:30pm on Friday.


“But it’s finals time; I should study,” you say. What better way to study than to escape the monotony of college library for a little ambiance and environment? You can even reward yourself with a pitcher of your favorite tap beer (emphasis on “reward”. You should probably write a substantial amount of your paper before imbibing.)

The group’s live show is notable; combining a well executed mix of improvisation and live compositions, the performance is incredibly unique.

This free concert is open to UW-Madison students and their friends and families. For more information on upcoming concerts, be sure to sign up for our mailing list!

Saturday on The Terrace: Steez

“Come and see why the Terrace is our absolute FAVORITE place to play in the whole wide world.” We couldn’t have pitched it better than Steez already did on their Facebook earlier this week. Let’s return the support by getting funky with their “creepfunk” music this Saturday night.

Steez has been gaining recognition through competitions that land them stages such as the 2008 Summer Camp and Rothbury Festival. They have even performed at the Mifflin Street Block Party of 2011, where saxophonist Andrzej Benkowski covered “Like a Prayer” by Madonna. Their debut album has also been recently nominated for Home Grown Music Network’s album of the year. With all of this praise, the music behind it must be worthy of a performance on The Terrace.

Certainly their sound is full of funk, but with the addition of electronic instruments, their music has a psychedelic twist. This intriguing combination can be heard in songs “Three Man Weave” or “Brown Lights.” To add to their great music, they also have quirky personalities which are interwined into their songs. For instance, the first video that pops up on their website is “S my D” (Scott Walker remix). It’s a protest song with a groove.

When seen live, Steez has moments where the band is purely enjoying the music they are creating- especially when each instrument goes solo. Witness their tantalizing, funky beats this Saturday starting at 9:30. I’ll leave you with a fun fact: The word “Steez” is defined as the combination of style & ease by Urbandictionary. What a perfect description of the band themselves.

Download or preview Steez’s “Three Man Weave” below. It comes from their latest album KRONOS, which you can download for the price of your choosing over at their bandcamp.

Download>> Steez – “Three Man Weave”

Tonight! Jeremiah Nelson with Cedarwell and Chants

Tonight the Terrace features three relatively local acts, including a recent expatriate of Madison, Jeremiah Nelson.

In 2008, Jeremiah’s band The Achilles Heel put out the album Take Me Down the Interstate. After the band split up, Nelson followed up with a well-accepted solo EP, Drugs to Make You Sober With a raw, honky tonk sound, Nelson definitely brings a unique sound to the Madison music scene. In its year-end Best of Madison Records list, A.V. Club called the title track to Drugs to Make You Sober “stunning,” with a “clickety-clack percussion leading listeners through the wandering intro and into perhaps the most powerful, arresting chorus you’re likely to hear this year.” Check out that title track and download the album for the price of your choice at Nelson’s bandcamp. Nelson recently relocated to Minnesota, so tonight’s show will be a great (and free) homecoming.

Also playing this Thursday night is Cedarwell, a band from Sheboygan. With his Iron & Wine appearance and Justin Vernon aura, Erik Neave has surely attracted a strong Wisconsin following. Cedarwell is a perfect example of a great Wisconsin folk act. “We’re starting to believe that there really is something lurking over the grassy hills and slipping through the tree trunks and foliage of rural Wisconsin that unhinges a man’s soul, just a little bit more than other hills, tree trunks and foliage,” Daytrotter said in their description that accompanied Cedarwell’s session. Traditionally, Cedarwell is a three-man band, but Neave will often fly solo, and even put out his own self-titled album in 2003. The band’s recent 2010 album, A Stone, A Leaf, A Door, (also available for preview at bandcamp) was received well by the alt-folk community. We can only hope that Cedarwell will obtain the same success that Bon Iver has.

Last but not least is Chants. The solo project of Mama Digdown’s Brass Band’s bass drummer, Jordan Cohen, you’d never guess this talented artist was in a funk-and-jazz outfit by hearing Chants’ music. The title track from the May-released Night After EP draws comparisons to James Blake and Jamie Lidell. Check it out at Chants’ bandcamp. It’s definitely worth your time.

Come on down to the Terrace for great music tonight. Check out Nelson’s “Nothing to Lose” video below.

DTF: Steez this Friday

Steez, by definition, means style with ease. Is there a better way to describe Madison’s very own self-defined Creepfunk band? I think not. Steez started up in 2003 and consists of five members: Matt Williams (keyboards/ synthesizers/ accordion), Steve Neary (guitar and vocals), Rob Bessert (drums), Chris Sell (bass), and Andrzej Benkowski (sax, oboe, and violion). Over the past few years, the band has gained national recognition, having performed at some of the finest music festivals in the country, such as Summer Camp, Summerfest, Electric Forest, and we can’t forget Mifflin last spring, where they played a most excellent cover of Madonna’s Like a Prayer (now that’s pretty steezy!). If you haven’t had a chance to hear them play yet, the quintet is a combination jam-dance-funk band (with a twang of something unearthly) that bleeds both personality and originality… So, they’re pretty much nothing short of mind-blowing.

Oh, and guess what? In an effort to spread their lovely music to the masses, the band is touring the Midwest this winter and spring in their exquisite bus “Big Brown” (you can’t miss it) and is offering free electronic copies of their albums released this year, including KRONOS- their first new album in three years- due in the spring.

So, come check them out in our DTF (Dance This Friday) series at midnight at Union South fo’ free, because opportunities like this are just too good to pass up!

Download a live version of Steez’s “Duderfunk” below as a preview of what you’re in for tomorrow!

Download Steez’s “Duderfunk (live)”

Just Announced: Dirty Beaches + Xiu Xiu on the Terrace

It may be hard to believe after this last week of sub-freezing temperatures, but Terrace season is just around the corner. We’re excited to announce that one of the first events of 2012 to happen outdoors will bring two indie heavy-hitters to Madison. 2011 Polaris Prize nominee Dirty Beaches and dramatic synth-poppers Xiu Xiu will share the stage – and a Lake Mendota backdrop – on May 18th.

2011 was a breakout year for Vancouver-via-Taiwan artist Alex Zhang Hungtai, known by his stage name of Dirty Beaches. After a series of buzz-creating EP’s, he put out Badlands, his first full-length. Its lo-fi alternation between haunting (See: “Sweet 17″) and sullen (“Lord Knows Best” video below) grabbed the attention and superlatives of fans and critics alike. It earned an 8.2 and Best New Music from Pitchfork, landed Dirty Beaches a spot on Stereogum’s 40 Best New Artists, and (as previously mentioned) achieved a rare feat of being nominated for a Polaris Prize as a debut album. Dirty Beaches is definitely an artist to watch in 2012, and your chance to do the watching is May 18th.

As if that’s not enough, indie legends Xiu Xiu will play them in. Led by Jamie Stewart, 2012’s Always is definitely not their debut. In ten years the project’s produced 11 full length albums (not to mention just as many EP’s and 7″), all of them fantastic, known for their raw emotion and outside-the-box style. “Hi,” the first single and video from Always (See video below), shows that the quality of Xiu Xiu’s releases are not affected by their frequency, pairing Stewart’s pained vocals with intense electronic sounds and beats. Always comes out March 6th in the U.S., but is streaming over at Spin or available for immediate download with all pre-orders of CD or vinyl.

Openers Father Murphy will bring intensity themselves through their own brand of doom pop. “In Their Graves” from 2009’s …And He Told Us to Turn to the Sun displays just how well the Venice, Italy-based trio complement the styles of the headliners. It goes without saying that Father Murphy’s music is meant to be a spiritual experience. You’ll have to show up for their set on May 18th to see whether it achieves its goal.

Check out videos from Dirty Beaches and Xiu Xiu below and keep your eyes peeled for the Facebook event for more details. Head over to the calendar to see other upcoming dates.