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  1. Very, extremely disappointed about Budos Band no longer appearing on July 2nd. Anyway, you guys rock and bring in so many great shows. Looking forward to many memorable evenings on the Terrace with great music.

      • Unfortunately, Budos Band did fall through. Fortunately, we will continue to put great music on the Terrace for you all summer!

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  3. planning a trip back to Madison after being gone for 5 years and the terrace is a must for us. i see the music schedule only goes til the 21st of august. will be anything the next weekend?


  4. any more shows coming beyond august 21st? i am visiting madison after being gone for five years and a visit to the terrace is a must. seeing a live show would make it all the better!

  5. Just wondering who to contact for possible booking. I’ve played the Union (inside and out) with Yid Vicious, Boo Bradley, Nicole Rae, etc. Got a new project “Jimmy Murn & The Heymakers.” Thanks!

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  7. What the heck?! That is one of the more impressive summer schedules I’ve seen for the UW. And, based on plenty of personal experience, your summer schedules tend to be pretty awesome. I mean, freakin Battles, Fresh & Onlys, and All Tiny Creatures appearing on our very own algae-infested, but beloved shore of Lake Mendota? Seriously, you guys are making Madison a much more relevant indie music scene!

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