I was trying to use an app on spotify that makes playlists for you based on your mood. They’re bad obviously (personally I don’t want to listen to Cher when I’m feeling romantic), so I thought I can maybe do this better. Of course I only have a few, you’ll notice angsty, depressed, trippin b*llz, rainy, shame spiral, and many others are missing so feel free to leave an emoticon with a corresponding song.

MOOD: I want something soulful, no synthy bleepy bloops or bass drops for me today

Alabama Shakes- Hold On

MOOD: I want synthy, bleepy bloopy electronic awesomeness

STS9- Scheme (From the EP When the Dust Settles)

MOOD: It’s winter so I wanna chill with some instrumentals but it’s still gotta be jazzy so I can be upbeat while I’m writing in my moleskine

Ljones- ArtOfficial Strawberries (download the album Soul Below for free from Bandcamp)

MOOD: I’m super/semi/relatively happy today and I want to dance and sing to myself in the mirror

Surfer Blood- I’m Not Ready

MOOD: Why am I so behind on new music?!!! What’sthekoolbuzzbandIHAVEtoknowbeforeEVERYONE?!!

Night Moves- Headlights (They’re from MN and just signed to Domino Records!)

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